Rotowash R45B

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The R45B is the larger of the floor scrubbers and ideal when you need to clean larger areas, for example hallways, industrial kitchens, sport and leisure areas that have synthetic surfaces.

Another major PLUS with the R45B that with a change of brushes, it can convert into a escalator and travelator cleaner and floor scrubber to assist professional contract cleaners. Cleaners of hotels, hospitals, shopping malls etc.

Rotowash ensures that your equipment far out ways any other floor scrubber in today’s market place. Having the least amount of moving parts, giving you peace of mind, knowing that you have the best and most effective floor scrubber.

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  1. We hired Rotowash R45B Floor scrubber machine in conjunction with a steam machine, We have spent years having to scrub our white ceramic tiles on our hands and knees taking 6hrs to clean with bleach due the rough texture of the tiles, This machine effortlessly lifted the in-ground dirt with limited detergent and absolutely no elbow grease needed, It stripped the tiles back to brand new condition and was worth every cent. If you have hard to lift dirt and grime this is the machine to use

    Harris Park, NSW

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