5 Litre Natra-Kleen Natural Multi Purpose Spearmint Concentrate

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  1. Jyosh Polea-Vizcarra - Reply

    Time is gold when you are cleaning, that’s why I’m extremely satisfied with Natra Kleen. Unbelievably effective to use, less time and effort that you can finish the job quickly without sacrificing the quality of my work. We do a lot of heavy cleaning jobs ie exit/vacate clean and I seriously don’t have to carry different products in my caddy, as I only need Natra Kleen from bathroom to kitchen, windows, walls, floors and more. Happy cleaning franchisee!

  2. I have been using Natra Kleen for about 12 years & can highly recommend it as a great cleaning product. Very, very economical & does an excellent cleaning job without the use & smell of harsh chemicals. Give it a try you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Natra Kleen natural multi Purpose spearmint concentrate is ideal for my cleaning business, The concentrate has saves us hundreds of $$$ and means we do not have to carrying lots of different cleaning chemicals around with us.

  4. After experimenting different types of chemicals to use that will help me in my cleaning business, I finally found the one that makes my job easier. Natra Kleen saves not only my time but my pocket as well.

    Commercial Cleaner
    Sydney, Inner West

  5. Hi I have used Natra Kleen for the last few years. This is my first review for this product. I find it very economical and a great product to use. I clean shower glass panels, surfaces and much more. I would highly recommend this product, forget the rest.

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