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Although the Jupiter steam vacuum cleaner is an entry level machine to the stainless steel range of commercial steam cleaners, it still offers a commanding 6.5 bars of steam cleaning force which is perfect in many cleaning applications. The Jupiter also has the capability to inject detergent.

If storage space is tight, or you have to carry it up and down stairs, the vacuum can be easily removed from the trolley.
Where Can I use the Jupiter?

The Jupiter is perfect for a variety of commercial cleaning applications. For example, cleaning bathrooms, tiles & grout, freshening & spot cleaning carpet, cleaning kitchens i.e. bench tops & exhaust hoods, sanitising mattresses, cleaning upholstery, curtains and much more.
Who can use the Jupiter?

The Jupiter, is ideal for a whole range of commercial environments i.e. hotels and motels, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, universities, councils etc.


What accessories does the Jupiter come with?

Please note: Listed below under “Standard Accessories” are all the accessories supplied.

The Jupiter comes complete with a standard set of accessories. This includes window squeegee floor brush, detail nozzle and a range of brushes.

Optional accessories include a steam mop with a microfibre and scrapper.
Help? I need some more questions answered, who can help me?

At Steam It, our customer service team are passionate about what we can offer and are available right now to offer exceptional service and support any way they can.

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Suitable For: Standard accessories included with this machine:

Technical Specs:

• Pressure: 6.5 Bar – 86 PSI
• Current: 2200 watts 10amps
• Water Tank: 5L
• Chemical Tank: 5L
• Boiler size: 3 litres
• Boiler Temperature: up to 165°C
• Heating up Time: 9 minutes
• 1200W Wet/Dry Vacuum
• Operating Time: Continuous
• Size: L74 x W36 x H107 cm
• Weight: 35 kg
• Cable: Length: 4m
• Casing: Stainless steel
• Steam Adjuster: variable

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