Tiled walls

When cleaning tiled walls, make sure you use a large brush with towel or a Mop head on a low heat.  Move quickly with a smooth motion.

Painted walls

Look first carefully at the condition of the paint. If it is thin, or a cheap grade of paint, then cleaning it may cause the paint to dissolve or wipe away.  For heavy or extremely dirty stains on the walls, mist the towel with a light detergent prior to cleaning.  After, clean the wall with a towel.  Make sure you keep changing towels.

Warning: Water based paints of any kind can be removed with a vapour cleaning system.  Simply just apply a higher heat and move slowly. The paint will absorb into the towel.


Use the triangular or rectangular brushes. Place a towel directly over the brush to prevent bristles from poking their way through the towel while you are cleaning the wall.  Steam should be set on a low volume of steam pressure, use smooth strokes.

Spray a light detergent on the towel to clean greasy, hard to remove stains. Go back over the cleaned area with a towel after cleaning with detergent.

Note: Use only a low pressure and clean quickly while you are cleaning any kind of wallpaper.