Floor mats

Remove mats from your car and then clean first with nozzle. Put steam on a high pressure, about 2-3 inches away. Blowing from the side to help to remove most surface dirt/ grime. Spray then with light detergent. Leave detergent on for about 4 minutes.  Use then the triangular brush without towel on a low pressure.  This will help to loosen the build up of dirt in the fibres.  Brush in all directions.
Finally place towel over triangular brush and use back & forth & side to side movements to remove remaining dirt.

Floor boards

To blow away loose debris, you can use a high pressure and nozzle. Then same procedure can also be used for above car floor mats.

Instrument Panel

Use nozzle -medium pressure -to blow dust and dirt from all vents, ashtrays, and other parts of instrument panel. Reduce vapour to low to clean around the radio. Wipe clean with towel. Top of instrument panel and rear package shelf: Nozzle with towel wrapped over small brush -low pressure. If the surface bleaches out, refresh it with a silicone treatment.

Chewing Gum Removal

Use wire detail brush or nylon for carpets.
Heat up spot of gum for 1-3 seconds, release small amount of approved Gum remover using the chemical injection facility or pre spay the spot. As the chemical hits the gum, scrub for few seconds and gum will dissolve.

Removing Wax, Tar, Etc.

Comment: Many stains are only stuck on the surface of materials and can be quickly removed by ‘blowing’ excess material away from the surface from the side. This prevents driving the particles deeper into the fibres. This applies to things as copier toner, gum, crayons, dirt, makeup, tar, etc. Always try to vacuum any loose residue off the surface before you apply vapour to it!

Wood Surfaces General

Avoid getting natural wood too wet or hot. Also, if the wood surface is waxed, use only cool moist towels to wipe down the surface.

You can remove old wax with smooth cotton fabric, such as a cotton nappy (several layers) wrapped over the triangular brush -low heat. Do not use a regular terry cloth towel because of the towel’s rough texture, which will leave stroke marks in the waxed surface.

To clean fine wood floor surfaces, use the appropriate brush for the size and texture of the surface -low pressure – with a clean towel clipped over the brush. Heat up the towel away from the surface and turn off the vapor before applying the brush to the surface to do the cleaning. Use light detergent only when absolutely necessary -spray it on the towel before wiping, not on the surface